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    Updating firmware thomson speedtouch

    He then request me to go to singtel website and proceed to remote assistance.

    After coming into my computer and seeking around the website and tested the himself to find it's truly not up to the advertised speed of 10Mbps which is after 1 hour of consultation...say he will recommend to send a lines man down to test the line for me..the schedule for the whole week is booked.

    I suspect that your line is more likely the culprit than the modem firmware. Last time I asked, it said that it was a user request. Perhaps that's not the only way to do it, but it's the only way I was aware of (short of having a Windows machine taking up space, which I don't). When on a normal broadband connection, I can google just fine. When on a normal broadband connection, I can google just fine.

    I presume it should also work using similar (darwine? I used to have a pretty marginal line and tried a couple different firmware versions on my 516v6 but didn't notice any substantial difference. Teksavvy said they rarely see what my stats were showing, but that's what they said. I have asked Teksavvy to have a look again, actually. When I flashed mine I followed instructions on the web to setup a tftp server and bootp on a Linux machine and rebooted the modem in recovery mode for it to fetch the new firmware. I tried »and I tried setting my NIC IP to, all with no results. When I entered into the app, and clicked Connect, the IP number flashed red. In fact for flashing the firmware the modem doesn't even need to be plugged into the telephone line. I tried »and I tried setting my NIC IP to, all with no results.

    Keeping its internal firmware current is a crucial step for ensuring that your router can still securely handle the latest in wireless technology.

    Technicolor, the company that produces Thomson routers, makes it easy for users to upgrade their firmware in just a few short steps.

    Trying to bring my firmware up to v 7.432 on a Mac connected directly to my modem. Cheers Get a friend with a Windows laptop to come over or use VMware Fusion with a copy of Windows, » ··· If you don't have the DHCP server running on the modem then you'll have to set this manually. While connected directly to the modem, do a hard reset on the modem (press and hold reset button for 10 secs). Here's what you're looking at: Bitrate: your current sync (6016down/512up) (6meg profile)Attenuation: 9.0d B/11.0d B -- very good, you're pretty close to Bell's hardware and should be happy. Here's what they reported today: Noise Margin: d23.0/u17.0 d B Power: d9.0/u12.0 d BAttenuation: d9.0/u2.0 d BIs there a way I can reset those stats to see if this new setup makes any difference? I can let this go overnight while I move about on my Mac. The downstream is in the ballpark of one of your screenshots, which is what it ought to be if you don't have the extra noise.

    My modem is dropping connection about twice a day now. After the modem reboots your browser should then recognize the modem using With the DHCP server on the modem enabled (the default) it will automatically assign you an IP in the correct range when you connect it to your computer. SNRM: 24.5d B (down, screenshot2) -- very good, shouldn't have problems 1.5d B (down, screenshot1) -- no way ANY model will hold a connection with that. Tens of thousands of CRC Errors within 16m of connection time (screenshot1, top right section) shows your modem is spending it's entire time shouting back "What did you say? "Initial response: Unfiltered phone or filter that died (it happens). I would have to get another PC to test at the demarc, which I can do. Although upstream is also important, normally the downstream is the focus when debugging line issues simply because the downstream uses the higher frequencies that attenuate more over long distances and also can overlap with, for example, radio stations. Yanking the phone cable from the modem will do that.

    Fast and Fiber) technologies helps Service Providers deliver the connectivity to fuel new, bandwidth intensive content experiences.

    I felt the need to upgrade my 536v6 modem's firmware the other day and went hunting. The easiest way to get the newer ST516/536/546/580/585 routers into bootp state is to do the following: It is helpful though not essential to have the pc with a fixed static ip. Begin with the unit powered off via the power switch at the back depressed. Get a pin or a pen with a long enough nose to reach the reset button and hold it in. ur welcome.....i have seen a slight change but then again it could be mind over matter.

    Find your modems firmware here : I found newer versions here: Rename the firmware filename's extension from into 3.

    If there are, then those should be addressed first. (At least as far as your current situation is concerned).* Again a typo or you're trying the wrong IP address. I see you're on an IKNS (Vendor ID: IKNS to the right of the txpower) and that your upstream SNRM is 6.0 on both screenshots.

    I can only see the web page at while I am set in the same range, 192.168.x.x My modem/router config is dropping twice a day now. And wine seems to have OSX support, as well: »wiki.winehq.org/Mac OSX/I ··· stalling Running that application will give stats about your line that if you post a screenshot we can look at and see if there are any issues. You don't want this PPPo E connection unless the modem itself is doing it. The stats TSI gave you sound in-line with your clean screenshot. I seem to recall some people here saying that the IKNS remotes are buggy in that they incorrectly report some upstream data.

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