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    This kind of story has a history stretching back at least 30 years.

    Judging from that history, it’s a story that won’t be stamped out in the near future. During that decade, nearly 100 people—most of them child care workers—were wrongly convicted of committing grotesque sex crimes against children, and many more were falsely accused or charged.

    Dear daughter, I know you’ve talked to your mom about boys and sex. All of what your mom told you is, I am sure, well and good. For reasons I’ll explain below, you cannot afford to do so. This means the man decides on whom he will expend money, time and resources; when they will be expended, how much will be spent, and ultimately when commitment will be provided in the form of exclusivity and marriage. Women often use their sexual charms to persuade a man to give her time, money, resources and ultimately, commitment in the form of a long term relationship or marriage.

    But I want to tell you about the nature of men and women. By contrast, men often dollop out commitment and resources in ever increasing amounts (or, mistakenly, all at once) in an effort to get the woman to have sex with him.

    Like he doesn't really get at is his name, and city where there not just give it all up with their lives for just.Eventually, self-deputized online investigators began to comb through the emails of Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, which had been published by Wiki Leaks. pizzeria that had hosted a Democratic fundraiser, was identified (also baselessly) as a headquarters for sex-ring activities.Finding only campaign talk and recipes, the investigators concluded that innocuous terms used in Podesta’s emails were a code: “pizza” for , and so on. The conspiracy theory acquired a name, “Pizzagate.” On Sunday a man wielding an assault rifle entered Comet Ping Pong and opened fire. 4chan users are confident that the man is part of a false-flag operation being carried out by the establishment to discredit their investigation. As a woman, you don’t really much care for sexual variety. This is called female hypergamy — the tendency of women to “marry up” or find ever-better men than the ones they saw or had before. That means that you decide who you will have sex with, when, where and under what circumstances. But to you, most men don’t show up on your radar screen. The vast majority of men will be simply invisible to you. At your core, you are looking for a man who you perceive is better than you are in some way — looks, earning power, educational level, social status, social or workplace dominance.

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