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    Chantay and a few of the other cheerleaders make fun of her and she is forced to leave Spirit Squad. and during a Free the Children Fast, Anya gets a video of Holly J. Derek, Jane and other students make fun of Holly J. Adam becomes enraged and punches Fitz in the gut walking down the hall. After school, Fitz punches Eli for trying to calm down Adam, who continues to try to fight Fitz and ultimately kicks his penis.

    Darcy judges Mia, the new student who happens to be a teenage mom. A fight breaks out in the school yard involving Liberty, Danny and Lucas. Zig and Tiny beat up Miles in the Greenhouse, after Miles was provoked by Zig and tried to punch him.

    (Any non-attributed quotes come from Francois Truffaut's amazing book-length interview, (1939) Hitch's final film before he moved to America was also his most profitable to that date, but that may have been due to Brits wanting to see why super-producer David O. (1941) This story, about a divorced couple who just can't seem to stop running into each other at the most inopportune times, is the only pure comedy Hitchcock made while in America. (1927) While this story about a boy in boarding school accused of theft is generally a snooze, hints of the director's future visual style (especially in a memorable dream sequence) make it a point of interest for Hitch completists.

    (1936) One of Hitchcock's darker works, this noir-ish film is about a British intelligence agent who goes to Switzerland and accidentally kills the wrong man.

    And what better way to honor an obsessive and meticulous director than with an obsessive and meticulous ranking of all his films? Fiona shows up to Lovers Lunch with Adam, Eli and Clare drunk and when Adam asks if she's drinking because of him, she hesitates. tells Adam she has a problem drinking, he refuses to believe it until he shows up at her condo and she's laying on the couch wasted. Fiona gets her hopes up thinking Charlie is single, but Charlie introduces her girlfriend at an art show. Emma smokes pot with her new friends earning her the nickname "Blaze." Emma decides to make weed brownies for the floor Olympics.She later goes out and buys a bottle but Charlie takes it from her. and Chantay have their own pre-prom, Fiona confesses she drank. Miles starts a rumor that there were drugs in Zig's locker, which could lead to a suspension or expulsion for Zig, but no drugs were found.Clare is in the storage room calling previous interns of Asher when Bo, Invgar, Dallas and Luke walk in. They take the bullying too far and eventually the bullies pour a bucket of yellow paint and chicken feathers on him during one of his proudest moments. Owen and the jocks ridicule and mock Zane for being gay.They start to drink beer, and ask Clare if she wants some. Later, Dallas invites Clare to blow off some steam. She tells Dallas all about Asher and a drunken Dallas proceeds to kiss her. Manny is mortified when the video of her exposing her breasts on camera is spread throughout the school. Riley, trying to understand, attends a lecture on homophobia with Zane, who confesses about the jokes and being hurt from them. When Adam wants to join Fitz's secret fight club, Fitz pairs him with Bianca because he has a female's body.

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