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There is no syntax to indicate that an argument should be passed by-reference like there is in . In the implicit way, an argument is passed normally to the method call, and its (potentially) updated value is returned from the method call along with the normal return value (if any). C# does not support declaring or using properties with parameters. In that case, there is no way to determine the type paramter. As a result, Iron Python code can be run in a sand-box and the host can control the security priviledges to be granted to the Python code. As a result, call frames of Iron Python code are not like frames of statically typed langauges like C# and VB. supports this via the -X: Private Binding` command-line option. However, if a module executes Language-integrated Query (LINQ) is a set of features that was added in . Since it is a scenario rather than a specific feature, we will first compare which of the scenarios work with Iron Python: Parameter Modifications : The method that uses the minimal conversions from the original method is considered the better match.