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"I want to give the young man a lock of my hair," she explains to the others. Not to be outdone, Victoria carefully extracts a single strand of her hair and hands it over. It made the front page of , Britain's best-selling tabloid, and on the inside was a competition to give away what the paper said was the actual recovered false fingernail. " When I mention that story today, Mel B says, "He got the shit beat out of him, so that's that. I think Madonna is so talented and so intelligent, but some people just think she's a talentless slag. MEL B: I'd probably laugh [] and think, "Oh, well, I don't blame you for thinking that." But maybe if they were abusive and started trying to shout at me, then I'd probably chin 'em. He insists that they were never told to dress the same: The whole point of the auditions had been to find five strikingly different girls. My mum, as well – me and my mum's bottoms on the front of the paper, saying, "Emma's 21, but she's got the bum of a 40-year-old." Don't laugh! "Every time you hear one of those awful voices and spot a spicy airhead popping up, give it a resounding virtual slap." They have heard about the Slap a Spice Girl game and claim not to mind. They have a big Pepsi sponsorship deal, and they have messed up before.