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I am easy-going person , I am free in my mind, I love to develop myself and all I have missed it is my soulmate. more »» A lonely soul is searching for another lonely soul to creat something perfect, complete and unique. It also means being supportive, creative, caring, fle... I often communicate with new people, go to concerts, to the theater. more »» I'm an easy going, open - minded and affectionate woman. I can't imagine my life without the colors of happiness and love. more »» As for my hobbies and interests, my passion is travelling. I like reading the psychological books, cooking, embroidering, learning English, singing. more »» My close people like to say that I am like sun light and I am radiating some very special light which everyone can feel. more »» About Us News & Media Terms of Use Privacy Policy Client Protection Policy Help & FAQs Contact Us Site Map Copyright © 1998-2017, Asia Maritus Limited.