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    I have been in the IT industry in one form or another since 1989 - but I am a down to earth Geek, so any suggestions for improvements email them through!

    Atomic bomb radiocarbon dating

    As the The New York Times stated, in a eulogy accompanying the announcement of his unexpected and unnecessary death in 1937." It is given to but few men to achieve immortality, still less to achieve Olympian rank, during their own lifetime. In a generation that witnessed one of the greatest revolutions in the entire history of science he was universally acknowledged as the leading explorer of the vast infinitely complex universe within the atom, a universe that he was first to penetrate."Not for him the fame based on one discovery.The way carbon dating works and the dating technique described by the person on the podcast are two distinct different things.Bare with me, I'm a chemist: Carbon 14 is a naturally occurring isotope found in a specific concentration in LIVING organisms (animals, plants, etc..).As a boy Ernest was surrounded by hard-working people with technical skills. and arrived in New Plymouth in 1855 as a thirteen-year old.

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    In nuclear reactions it is the sub-atomic particles in the atomic nucleus, the protons and neutrons, which rearrange themselves to form new elements or isotopes with more stable nuclei.Too many or too few neutrons may make the nucleus liable to decay. Electron or beta decay is the basis of radiocarbon dating when the radiocarbon isotope of Carbon is transmuted into Nitrogen by beta decay. It is positron decay which initiates the Sun's nuclear fusion.A Hydrogen atom (proton) is transformed into a neutron which then fuses with another Hydrogen atom under the Sun's conditions of extreme temperature and pressure to form Deuterium an isotope of Hydrogen. Thales - Static Electricity, Geometry, Surveying, Scientific Method 530 B. Pythagoras - Mathematics, Divine Proportion, Number Theory 500 B. Alexander the Great, Ptolemy I Soter, Ptolemy II Philadelphus - Library of Alexandria, University 300 B.

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