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    The site — True — was launched last year by an Albuquerque social worker to help people like Lynne find healthy relationships. "The Web site, because it caters to people with mental illness, you go in knowing that up front," Lynne said. You don't feel threatened by what the other person might think." Lynne was married once, briefly. It is certainly unwise to categorize every man in the same bracket and you shouldnt expect all men to cheat immediately given the opportunity.

    American idol and dating

    I watched the rerun this afternoon and seriously had to change channel when some of them sang so that I didnt insult my ears too badly!

    Also so my neighbour didnt think it was me singing! and was wandering if anyone is watching it tonight...................

    Once again its the time of the Year when the Americans sing to the Title of 'American Idol'I sat for 4 hours on Fri night in Fits of Laughter as the contestants poured out their voices infront of Randy Paula and simon....

    Some of them are really awful and STILL think they are the 'Best' Do you watch it, and what do you reckon to the programme American Idol ?

    Surely, he is now property of the Crips (insert emphatic “SUCKA! As soon as he got the note he was doing a show tune, he probably said, “I’m gonna be sick, straight up.”CONSTANTINE – So he DOES have a last name. He is her “Funny Valentine.” (rowrrr)CARRIE UNDERWOOD – If there was any song that could instantly kill an erection, it would be Hello Young Lovers. If it was, he would realize he just gave 2pts to a fruit rollup with sleeves. When it comes to the ladies, I really think Nadia has slipped into 3rd place, behind Vonzell. ), Anthony's pitch problems, Anwar's walking cardboard personna... Randy was funny he was like "That wasn't good, that wasn't good at all dude" LOL LMAO In the end I'm going for Vonzel and Scottie "The Body" Sable Vonzel is from my home town she was a mail lady we used to call her Baby V! But see last week they totally made a stupid choice by booting off Jessica... Very nice, it sounded good, but realisticly, not good enough for AMERICAN IDOL... Carrie Bo Nadia^^^these folks can sing..[Jessica should have been top three but ]Bo and Constantine honestly rocked this evening...best I have seen from Constantine...neither should be in the bottom 3..even close! Why can’t there be a catfight between Vonzell and Carrie? Why can’t the cops swarm in and take Scott down and drag him away in handcuffs? “Watching the show without voting is like starting a conversation with Randy.” Man, if it wasn’t for the few nervous chuckles from the Mensa candidates in the crowd who actually understood this joke, Ryan would have been left hangin with the crickets!

    Simon had it dead on when he said it was very “old fashioned.” I agree, I think I went through post traumatic stress when I heard this song, bringing back repressed memories of when my grandparents made me watch The Lawrence Welk Show on Sunday Nights when they babysat me. VONZELL SOLOMON – Every week, stronger and stronger. Ever since that hatchet hairdo she sported a couple of weeks ago, things haven’t been the same for Nadia. it does come down to a battle between Constantine and Bo for the men, and Vonzell and Carrie for the women. but once one of them gets voted off, that's it for that ratings gimmick. there are 2 R&B singers, and Vonzell is prettier and more personable and, as of late, the better singer. So, if we follow the pattern, if there is one, can we assume that this year will be a white man vs. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN SCOTT, that guy annoys me, and cant sing, and makes me sick to watch.... and Simon saying what he said about Free Bird.an idiot!

    Ok, just got a chance to catch Idol on my Tivo and here is my quick synopsis before I head off to work this evening as a karaoke specialist for the musically challenged. To be mugged on the subway by a street gang and to be “tagged” with gangland graffiti and STILL make it to the show on time to host…truly amazing. His googly eyes won Paula over and she gushed as she told him she was falling in love with him. ” and she responds, “Whatever you like to do.” I bet you if you told Anwar to hop on one leg and bark like a dog, he’d do it. My dad was watching and he suddenly blurted out in a thick Portuguese accent, “I geev heem 3pts… If I were to throw 3 people into the Spotlight Of Disaster, it would be Anthony, Scott and Nadia. America voted and voted the wrong one off..anyone hear that Anthony should have been gone by now.... Those with little personality are quite easy to forget. He was horrible and it's not that he needs better song choices, he just isn't in the same league as Vonzell or Carrie. Or would the Aww Shucks factor continue with a Carrie vs. I'm sure Mario dropping out was a huge disappointment. Nikko shouldnt have been booted off either, I will be honest here, I think as much as Constantine is a Hottie, and Lord knows i luv my rockers, I think he shouldstick to his rock roots and go back to his band... Isn’t there a minimum IQ requirement for this contest?

    (Yes, that is an official job description, I made it up). I figure this is what happened as no one on this earth would actually pay for a shirt that actually looked like that. And who would have known that he could (in Ricardo Montalban voice) make such sweet and passionate love to the camera. I wouldn’t be surprised if she invited him over for a nightcap later after the show. I found myself wondering more how he got his goatee so tiny than whether he would make this round. I especially like when he back slapped Seacrest and put his arm around him like they were kissin’ cousins. 1 for da song, and 2 for da shirt.” My dad’s eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Anthony already had the crosshairs on him, and his performance this week only locked him on target. I thought the men were strong contenders from the onset, but with Scott's legal problems blemishing his chances for stardom (who wants an Idol to be a woman beater?? The network execs at Fox were surely salivating at a latin contender taking it all the way. I certainly don't have too much confidence in the voting structure after seeing Anthony still in it to warble through yet another week. I'll make this quick Nikko shouldn't have gone this week Anthony should have gone home. As to the Anthony thing, the boy can sing, if he would find his nitch, I think he did a great job with the Forigner song..... the most exciting thing we’ve seen all season is the departure of Mario. Speaking of dreaming, we start out with Ryan Seacrest once again attempting to find humor by discussing the voting process.

    Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. First, I’d like to commend Ryan Seacrest on his bravery. He is definitely making up ground on his fellow rocker, Bo. When Eddie is looking for a bride and he asks her, “What do you like to do? Constantine is beating you in the hearts of all 9th graders voting by text message! Bo and Constantine..I'm thinking that will be one showdown that America will enjoy. so even if he had got the least amount of votes, I doubt Fox would have sent him packing. " If you had to ask me who the most boring was, I would give it to Nikko. Is it the way the demographic is voting, or is it Fox's underhanded scheme to ensure their show appeals to all races? Ryan displays a few baby pics and Anwar guesses, “Uh, Nursery Rhymes? People are really going to stay tuned as the Idol contestants belt out the favorites like Hickory****ry Dock, Farmer In the Dell, and Three Blind Mice. The band rose to national attention when Maroulis appeared on Idol.Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. ) Nikko should have been gone before and came back on a technicality. And so is her ability to choose songs that won’t give her a chance in hell at winning the big prize. ” Not because that’s what he was signing, but because I can’t help shouting that at all concerts I attend, including those on my very own big screen in my own home. Is it to protect her from the electrifying performances? Ryan then asks him if it gets “harder to step up on the stage.” Anwar looks into the camera and responds, “Yeah, yeah. I am still keeping my hopes of that Constantine-Bo final 2..it cant be them I hope its one of them and Vonzell The last show Bo struck a nerve with me. Until host Ryan Seacrest actually read his name, the 17-year-old North Carolina native said he thought Lauren Alaina had won after she powered through a damaged vocal chord on Tuesday. I couldn't pick a more perfect person to get second place to. He's my best friend." Read our American Idol season finale recap While Mc Creery credits Idol with teaching him how to be a performer, Alaina said the show taught her that she cries a lot. "Last night, watching her sing, I thought she could really take this," he said. So why didn't she tear up during Wednesday's results show?

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