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    Just want to get together to chat, share experiences and have some laughs.Activities may include: dining out, fitness activities, games nights, etc.function(t,n)(this,function(){"use strict";function e(e)function o(e)function i(e)function a(e)function s()function u()function c()function l()function p()function d(),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){(function(t),function(e,t,n){(function(t){"use strict";function r(e,t)var o=n(275),i=,a=,s=,function(e,t),function(e,t),function(e,t,n),function(e,t){"use strict";function n(e),function(e,t,n){(function(t){"use strict";var r=n(288),o=n(282),i=n(281),a=o;if("production"! We’ve written a lot about Targeted Restrictions on Abortion Providers (TRAP) in Virginia – medically-unnecessary rules designed to close down women’s health centers that provide important health care services like family planning, cancer screenings, and abortion. Have there always been laws restricting access to women’s health care in Virginia? Understanding the history of attacks on women’s health in Virginia helps us see how laws like TRAP have gained political traction today.provides many ways for women from all over the world to reach out to one another through an on-going Women's Health peer support Chat Room for those in need of immediate assistance, women's health peer support forums, and a women's health peer support social network where friends and allies can be made easily.It is quite clear when reading statistics such as the, "Percent [of women] 40 years and over who had a mammogram within the past 2 years: 68%," and the, "Percent [of women] 18 years and over who had a Pap smear within the past 3 years: 75%," that although women are getting more on track with preventative care, there are still some women out there who do not see the importance of proper body maintenance.

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    “Suddenly, online chatrooms have become the unofficial singles bars of the 90’s.” The article also explains the dirty truths of online dating, including how easy it is to impersonate someone else or cut off contact without awkwardness.

    The author offers a suggestion for how to best give that not-so-special girl the hint without explicitly ending things.

    Garland Levit, the author of an editorial piece published in The Daily Texan 15 years ago, was determined to point out that this type of “dating” is, as he saw it, rather pathetic.

    “The 90’s came around, and some computer genius, who probably couldn’t pick up a girl to save his life, decided to invent a communication medium which took away the pressures of real dialogue,” Levit said.

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